Administrative Committees

Board of Direction

Chair: Joseph Sanders, Consultant

Membership Committee

Chair: Beverly Garnant, American Society of Concrete Contractors

Technology Management Committee (TMC)

Chair: Roger Becker, PCI

Mission: Facilitate the development and acceptance of technologies to benefit the concrete industry.


  1. Identify new technologies with the potential to positively impact the concrete industry and arrange Technology Showcases at SDC Meetings.
  2. Shepherd technology showcase participants through the SDC path-finding process.
  3. Oversee the Technology Transfer Advisory Group (TTAG) and leverage the group’s exceptional knowledge and experience to review and advise on new technologies.
  4. Evaluate each technology presented to SDC for potential elevation to Industry Critical Technology (ICT) status.
  5. Monitor and oversee progress of ICT efforts.

Technology Transfer Advisory Group (TTAG)

Chair: Charles Hanskat, American Shotcrete Association

Mission: Facilitate technology transfer.


  1. Review industry-critical technologies identified by SDC and provide guidance on moving such technologies into practice.
  2. Provide recommendations through SDC to ACI’s Technical Activities Committee (TAC) on the appropriate approach to document development on new technologies within ACI.
  3. Assist champions of new technology on integrating their technologies into the ACI process.
  4. Disseminate information on new and emerging technologies through sessions held at ACI Fall Conventions.

Accelerated Technology Implementation Teams

Alternative Cementitious Materials

Chair: Lawrence L. Sutter, Michigan Technological University

Building Information Modeling

Chair: David McDonald, Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Concrete for Nuclear Structures

Chair: Claudio Manissero, ChemCognition LLC

Concrete Wind Turbine Towers

Chair: Markus Wernli, Berger/ABAM

Crack Reduction

Chair: Caroline Talbot, The Euclid Chemical Company

High Strength Reinforcement

Chair: Mark Perniconi, Charles Pankow Foundation

Prepackaged Powdered Construction Product

Chair: Peter Emmons, Structural

Strategic Repair Research Council

Chair: - Narendra Gosain, Walter P Moore

Vision 2020

Chair: David W. Whitmore, Vector Corrosion Technologies