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Industry Critical Technologies

SDC’s approach to accelerating industry response to important issues and technologies can be stated simply as:

Identifying “Industry Critical Technologies” or “Issues” Under the guidance of SDC’s Technology Mentoring Committee, technologies and issues brought before SDC members are evaluated to determine their impact (economic and other factors) on the concrete industry. Those technologies and issues deemed “critical” to the industry typically have sufficient and broad support from SDC members, from among whom a Champion is identified.

Determining barriers to the acceptance of those technologies or resolution of those issues – The Champion, together with interested SDC members, form an Accelerating Implementation Team (previously known as a consortium) to identify those barriers that are restraining or obstructing the timely acceptance of the “industry critical technology” or “resolution of the industry critical issue”.

Removing those barriers – The Accelerating Implementation Team (ATI) develops strategies and tactics to remove barriers or address issues identified. Such strategies/tactics can involve interacting with ACI and its technical committee, involving other SDOs, or independent actions by SDC. SDC members typically have access to human and financial resources, such that they are able to commit needed resources to proactively implement the strategies and tactics outlined.

Industry Critical Technologies/Issues identified and currently being addressed by SDC include:

  • Failure of moisture-sensitive floor coverings placed on concrete slabs
  • Research on form pressures in vertical applications using self-consolidating concrete
  • Performance-based concrete specifications
  • Vision 2020: “A Vision for the Concrete Repair, Protection, and Strengthening Industry” including development of a repair code and specification, as well as improvements in materials, applications, etc.

Technologies/issues currently under consideration by SDC to be identified as industry critical include:

  • Concrete industry’s vision regarding sustainable development
  • Simplified design
  • Cracking
  • Tolerance incompatibility
  • Durability
  • Industry fragmentation
  • Aggregate supply issues
  • Corrosion-resistant reinforcement
  • Others


The SDC is a Council of the ACI Foundation
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