Technology Process

The Process

Every new technology that is introduced and presented through SDC is offered a number of options to gain exposure and to address barriers or obstacles that are preventing or slowing adoption of the technology within the concrete industry.

What options are pursued within SDC are primarily driven by the technology owner acting as champion, and secondarily, interest in the topic by the overall SDC membership.

As technologies work through the SDC progression, they attain various status levels within the organization:

  1. Early Technologies are new and/or proprietary technologies that have been introduced to SDC via a Technology Showcase presentation at an SDC session. These technologies have not yet progressed within SDC beyond their initial introduction.

  2. Emerging Technologies have taken the next step and are pursuing a path-finding review by SDC’s Technology Management Committee (TMC). The TMC review offers Emerging Technologies expanded exposure and a review designed to identify obstacles to adoption as well as potential suggestions on strategies to address the obstacles within ACI and the concrete industry. A TMC review includes a review by its Technology Transfer Advisory Group (TTAG). TTAG consists of a number of knowledgeable, experienced, and influential members of ACI and our industry.
    Emerging Technologies that have completed a TMC review are reviewed for potential further classification as an Industry Critical Technology (ICT) or a Focused Technology.

  3. Industry Critical Technologies (ICTs) have completed a TMC review and have been determined to meet the criteria that includes the following:
    a. Concrete industry competitiveness
    b. Financial impact on/for the concrete industry
    c. Breadth of industry & SDC membership effect
    d. Immediacy/urgency
    e. Sustainability factor – environmental/”green”
    f. Quality issues
    ICTs and issues have been deemed “critical” to the industry and typically have strong and broad support from SDC members, from among whom a champion is identified. The champion, together with interested SDC members, forms an Accelerating Implementation Team to identify those barriers that are restraining or obstructing the timely acceptance of the ICT or “resolution of the industry critical issue.”
    The Accelerating Implementation Team develops strategies and tactics to remove barriers or address issues identified. Such strategies/tactics can involve interacting with ACI and its technical committees, involving other Standard Developing Organizations, or independent actions by SDC. ICTs receive the full support of SDC’s resources in advancing the technology or issue.

  4. Focused Technologies have not met all the ICT criteria. SDC’s Technology Management Committee (TMC) monitors progress on a technology owner’s efforts to address issues and enact strategies identified in the original TMC path-finding review of the technology. The TMC also serves as a resource for questions and guidance related to path-finding.

  5. Archived Technologies have concluded their journey through SDC and are no longer active within the organization. Archived Technologies include former Early, Emerging, ICT, and Focused Technologies.

Technology Process