Industry Critical Technologies

Industry Critical Technologies (ICTs) have completed a TMC review which assesses the technology or industry critical issue against the following criteria:
a. Technology/Issue Impact on the Concrete Industry
b. Financial impact
c. Challenges to Success
d. Breadth of Industry & SDC Membership Effect
e. Immediacy/Urgency
f. Sustainability factor
g. Value Proposition

Additional details can be reviewed by reading the selection criteria document.

ICTs and issues have been deemed “critical” to the industry and typically have strong and broad support from SDC members, from among whom a champion is identified. The champion, together with interested SDC members, forms an Accelerated Technology Implementation (ATI) Team to identify those barriers that are restraining or obstructing the timely acceptance of the ICT or “resolution of the industry critical issue.” The ATI Team develops strategies and tactics to remove barriers or address issues identified. Such strategies/tactics can involve interacting with ACI and its technical committees, involving other standard developing organizations, or independent actions by SDC. ICTs receive the full support of SDC’s resources in advancing the technology or issue.

Current Industry Critical Technologies:

Technology Topic


Technology Champion

Alternative Cementitious Materials


Lawrence L. Sutter – Michigan Technological University

Building Information Modeling


David McDonald – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Concrete for Nuclear Structures


Claudio Manissero – ChemCognition LLC

Concrete Wind Turbine Towers


Markus Wernli – Berger/ABAM

Crack Reduction


Caroline Talbot - The Euclid Chemical Company

High Strength Reinforcement


Mark Perniconi – Charles Pankow Foundation

Prepackaged Powdered Construction Product


Peter Emmons – STRUCTURAL

Strategic Repair Research Council


Narendra Gosain – Walter P Moore

Vision 2020


David W. Whitmore – Vector Corrosion Technologies