Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies are for Early Technologies that have taken the next step and are pursuing a path-finding review by SDC’s Technology Management Committee (TMC). The TMC review offers Emerging Technologies expanded exposure and a review designed to identify obstacles to adoption as well as potential suggestions on strategies to address the obstacles within ACI and the concrete industry. A TMC review includes a review by its Technology Transfer Advisory Group (TTAG). TTAG consists of a number of knowledgeable, experienced, and influential members of ACI and our industry.

Emerging Technologies that have completed a TMC review are reviewed for potential further classification as an Industry Critical Technology (ICT) or a Focused Technology.

Current Emerging Technologies:

Technology Topic


Technology Champion

Pavement Rehabilitation


Mark Haworth - Blastrac

Multi-Pollutant Control


Travis Bowman

Structural Health Assessment by Dynamic Monitoring


Larry D. Olson - Olson Engineering, Inc.

Prevent-C Shrinkage Crack Mitigation


Claudio Manissero