Early Technologies

Early Technologies are new and/or proprietary technologies that have been introduced to SDC via a Technology Showcase presentation at an SDC session. These technologies have not yet progressed within SDC beyond their initial introduction.

Current Early Technologies:

Technology Topic


Technology Champion

CarbonCure – Consuming CO2 Waste


Sean Monkman – CarbonCure Technologies, Inc.

Stadium Software


Jacques Marchand – SIMCO



John Hull – Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario

Gigacrete - Green Technology


Andrew Dennis - Gigacrete

Laticrete SuperCap


Brad Fulkerson - Laticrete SuperCap

Basalt Composite Rebar


Jack Rigsby

Fiber reinforcement for Seismic Behavior of Coupling Beams


Jim Wight – University of Michigan

Pavement Preservation - Lithium Treatment


Tanya Wattenburg Komas – California State University

Magnesia for Concrete


Jerry Rademan - Premier Magnesia

Microwave Frequency Sensor for Measuring w/cm in Fresh Concrete


Randall Jean - Baylor University

Ultra High Performance Concrete UHPC


Brian Green - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and  Tess Ahlborn – Michigan Technological University



Martin Vachon - Axim-Italcementi Group USA

Glass & Other Cementitious Systems as Alternate Binders


Arezki Tagnit-Hamou - Sherbrooke University