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TOTAL Voting Members in Committee: 8

SDC Alternative Cementitious Materials


  • Dr Lawrence L Sutter (Chair)
    Michigan Technological University
    ACI Member

  • Ms Ann M Daugherty (Staff Liaison)
    American Concrete Institute
    ACI Member

SDC Members

  • Dr Chiara F Ferraris
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    ACI Member

  • Mr James K Hicks
    J. K. Hicks Engineering
    ACI Member

  • Dr Lesley Suz Chung Ko
    BASF Corporation
    ACI Member

  • Mr Claudio E Manissero
    ChemCognition LLC
    ACI Member

  • Dr Anol Kanti Mukhopadhyay
    Texas A&M Transportation Institute
    ACI Member

  • Mr Jerry Rademan
    Premier Construction Products Group

  • Mr Marc Wanagas

Consulting Members

  • Dr Eric Pascal Bescher

  • Mr Tom Glasby
    Wagners EFC PTY LTD

  • Mrs Tricia G Ladely
    Project Management Consulting
    ACI Member

  • Mr Richard C Meininger
    Federal Highway Administration TFHRC
    ACI Member

Associate Members

  • Dr Anik Delagrave
    ACI Member