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TOTAL Voting Members in Committee: 10

Board of Direction


  • Mr Joseph C Sanders (Chair)
    Combined Creek Consulting
    ACI Member

  • Mr Michael J Schneider (SDC Immediate Past Chair)
    Baker Concrete Const Inc
    ACI Member

  • Ms Ann M Daugherty (Staff Liaison)
    American Concrete Institute
    ACI Member

SDC Members

  • Mr Nicholas J Adams
    The Euclid Chemical Company

  • Mr Roger J Becker
    Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
    ACI Member

  • Mr Kirk Burns
    Burns Concrete, Inc.
    ACI Member

  • Dr Anik Delagrave
    ACI Member

  • Ms Beverly A Garnant
    American Society of Concrete Contractors
    ACI Member

  • Mr Charles S Hanskat
    American Shotcrete Association
    ACI Member

  • Mr Claudio E Manissero
    ChemCognition LLC
    ACI Member

  • Mr Glenn E Schaefer
    Structural Technologies
    ACI Member