Vision 2020 Initiative

(Organized 2010)

Chair: David Whitmore

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SDC has identified Concrete Repair and Protection Vision 2020 as an industry Critical Technology. Our purpose is to provide a strategic plan for improvements in the Concrete Repair Industry, making the industry more efficient, effective, green, safe and fun by the year 2020. This Accelerated Technology Implementation (ATI) website is designed to house and coordinate all efforts of SDC in support of the Vision 2020 ICT in the concrete industry.


The first Vision 2020 meeting took place on May 3, 2006. Through a number of workshops, 13 goals were initially identified with two more added in 2010. A Vision 2020 repair council was established to promote, monitor, and coordinate progress of identified goals and to identify and recommend assignments of specific tasks in order to achieve the goals by 2020.

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